The Church of the Transfiguration's 2024 Pledge Campaign

Click here to see Fr. van Dooren's video introduction to our 2024 pledge campaign.

Dear friends and members of our parish family,

On the heels of our wonderful 175th anniversary celebration, I reach out to introduce our Stewardship Drive for 2024! We begin this Sunday (October 29th) and conclude on Christ the King Sunday (November 26th).

This is the season when pastors throughout the Church ask parishioners to make financial pledges for the upcoming year so staffing, outreach, music programs and maintenance and care of facilities can be anticipated and properly gauged. And more importantly, it is a time when all within the Church can invest in the life and mission of the Church. We have two types of pledges which allow the act of pledging to be open to all despite financial circumstances: the Numerical Pledge and the Open Pledge.

The Numerical Pledge contains an amount of money that a parishioner reasonably believes that he or she can give in the course of the upcoming year. In the end, this allows our vestry and treasurer to gauge the budget, staffing and future expenditures. The Open Pledge is a statement of commitment but without a specific amount. Those who are experiencing unemployment or uncertain financial situations can still make a pledge without compromising their circumstances and still fully serve as “pledging” members of the parish.

In recent years in response to the pandemic, many parishioners opted to give online. The Little Church embraces this practice, and we appreciate your recurring support. As such, I am hopeful you will also consider submitting a pledge commitment so the vestry can factor your support in our budgetary process.

Though “amounts” and bottom lines are important to the life and mission of The Little Church, our prayerful goal is always 100% participation. If, indeed, all of our parishioners offer a Numerical or Open Pledge, the amount and commitment will be sufficient.

Thank you for this consideration to our continued ministries, as we serve as conduits of Jesus Christ. May we hold hands and walk together in the beautiful days and years to come.

With love,

Fr. van Dooren

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